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what we have in alassema hospital

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Outpatient clinics

Our clinics serving all the major & sub – specialties in medicine, serving 50 patients/hour, with modern and comfortable establishments.

Emergency department

It’s all about readiness with skilled staff equipment’s & medications. Our teams are ready for 24 hours to receive emergency patients & manage them with fast response & appropriate medical care.

Intensive care units

Our history as one of the best intensive care units in EGYPT precedes us. Through our best in field ICU staff and well equipped units, we provide a very high cure rates. Our intensive care units consist of: -

1- Medical I.C.U.

2- Surgical I.C.U.

3- chest pain unit C.P.U.

4- post – open heart I.C.U.

5- coronary care units C.C.U.

Diagnostic services:


When we talk about our lab., It’s all about accuracy, timelines & trust.

We equipped our lab with the most innovative machines to offer our customers the promised quality & accuracy.


روابط هامة

4th Al Jomhouria st, from  Alhrar st, from Albatal Ahmed Abd Alaziz st, Dokki, Giza, 12311, Egypt

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