Neuro Science
Kidney center
Critical care center
Physical Medical center
Trauma Center
The Gastroenterology Center

Neuro Science Department

The Neuroscience Center at ASH Dokki provides the full range of contemporary neurosurgical practice to cover the cranial along with minimal invasive procedures.
 • Neurosurgery
• Neurology
• Sleep Medicine

Kidney Center

The Kidney Center at ASH Dokki features diagnostic and treating equipment and consultants with years of experience from the most renowned hospitals in nephrology, urology in Egypt.
• Nephrology
• Urology
• Isolation bed available

Critical Care Center

The Critical Care Center at ASH Dokki is one of most qualified distinguished centers in Egypt, it provides sophisticated critical care to ill, adolescents and adults. It is the most efficient unit for isolation cases and achieves high recovery rates of COVID cases.
 • Total of 24 beds
• Covers Advanced Level of ICU
• Capacity to treat more than 2000 patients annually
• CCU (Cardiac Care Unit)
• ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
• SICU (Surgical Intensive Care)
• Cardiothoracic ICU

Physical Medical Center

The Physical Medicine Center at ASH Dokki works collaboratively using patient centered and evidence- based approach to enhance the level of care provided to the patient through a multi-disciplinary team that includes a highly trained orthopedic, rheumatologists & physiotherapists.
 • Orthopedic Surgery
(Spine Surgery, Hand Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy)
• Physiotherapy
• Rheumatology Consultants
• Trauma Surgery

Trauma Center

The Trauma Center of Excellence at ASH Dokki is fully equipped and working to determine the best course of treatment and outcome. The hospital is fully equipped to receive Trauma Cases through:
• Open Heart Surgery
• Cardiothoracic Surgery
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Maxillofacial Surgery
• Vascular Surgery
• General and Pediatric Surgery
• Neurosurgery
• Emergency Unit of 7 Beds for Adult cases
• 24/7 Lab
• 24/7 Radiology services including CT, etc
• 24/7 Anesthesia services
• 24/7 Intensive Care Coverage

The Gastroenterology Center

At ASH Dokki is an advanced facility that deals with the diseases of the intestinal system and associated organs including liver, pancreas, gallbladder. Our surgical and gastroenterologist team is devoted to the la
• Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy
• Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
• Capsule endoscopy
• Hepatobiliary Surgery
• Pancreas Surgery
• Whipple procedure
• Anal and Colorectal Surgery
• Bariatric Surgery
• Gastroenterology Tumors and Cancer