Conditions & Terms

Lotus Card

– Free examination in the following specialties (internal medicine – orthopedics – digestive system – thoracic – brain and nerves – therapeutic nutrition – nose and moaning – general surgery)

– The names of the exclusive consultants (Dr. Rana Kamal – Dr. Mustafa Abdel Fattah – Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Saeed – Dr. Ahmed Al-Saeed – Dr. Suzette Ibrahim – Dr. Shaima Fath Al-Bab – Dr. Osama Al-Shennawi)

– Take advantage of each service one time

– This card is for personal use only

– The use of the card can be renewed after 6 months, and its value must be paid again upon renewal

– To benefit from the card for children, the National ID number of one of the parents is registered

– 30% discount on all outpatient services (medical examinations – tests – x-rays)

– 20% discount on inpatient services (accommodation – medical and home care – radiology – tests – internal services)

– The discount does not include medicines – doctors’ fees – consumables

– After purchasing the card, to obtain services, you must call for pre-booking via the hotline 16670

– This card is valid for 6 months from purchasing date